Marketing – Strategy – Art Direction – Design


Rapha is a luxury cycling apparel company based in London. As Metro Marketing Manager for California, I worked to define and implement strategy for brand touchpoints including events, partnerships, photoshoots and more. In addition to strategy, my work extended to design and art direction for special projects.



Promotional Cards

In addition to monthly calendars, Facebook posts, and email marketing, I created original promotional post cards for monthly programming and special events. Each card has a specific cycling-related design that is eye catching and satisfies the Rapha brand aesthetic.

See my favorite example HERE.


Red Bull Bay Climb Jersey

We worked with Red Bull to design and execute the winners’ jerseys and staff t-shirt design for the Red Bull Bay Climb 2018. Inspired by the grade of this epic 3-block hill climb, the jersey uses simple brand colors and graphics to accomplish a design that satisfies both the Red Bull and Rapha brand standards. .


Rapha Festive 500 X Mash Zine

To celebrate the annual ride, Rapha Festive 500, we worked with local cycling legends MashSF to document a ride through film photography, and illustration in a high quality photo and screen print zine. Limited to 50 pieces, these zines were given away for free at a co-hosted party bringing the two entities together.

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Five X Five - Intervals on Design: Bike Builder Panel

For the ongoing Rapha series, Five X Five - Intervals on Design, I organized a panel of bike frame builders to speak about the commercialization, materials, and technology of their industry. In addition to the planning and execution of the event, I also managed all digital and physical assets for promotion and documentation.

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